Who do we join with on cruises? Answer
Answers: Cruising is becoming more and more popular all the time. It appeals to a very wide mix of young and old, couples, families and singles. Our passengers like the good things in life, but are generally friendly, sociable individuals eager to experience new things. You're sure to find like-minded people onboard.

What can we do in the evening? Answer
Do I have to participate in the cruise's organized activities? Answer
Are there laundry services on board? Answer
Can I book a disabled friendly cabin? Answer
What if I have medication? Answer
Are cruises suitable for children? Answer
Are there non-smoking areas on cruises? Answer
Can I go onboard a cruise if I'm pregnant? Answer
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How much luggage can I bring with me? Answer
Are the cruise itineraries subject to change? Answer
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My reservation was confirmed. What are the next steps? Answer
Are there medical services onboard? Answer
Will I need a formal wear? Answer
Can we celebrate a "special" day? Answer
Can I book for a group, wedding, or other special occasion? Answer
Can I buy pre- or post-cruise packages? Answer
Should I tip my crew members, tour guide or driver? Answer
What is not included in the price of my cruise? Answer
What is included in the price of my cruise? Answer
How do I pay for purchases onboard? Answer
When is my final payment due? Answer
How much do I need to deposit? Answer
Can you arrange bike or motorbike rental for us in Mekong Delta? Answer
Is vegetarian food available on your cruises? Answer
Could you suggest us a homestay in Mekong Delta? Answer
Which is your best selling tour? Answer
What’s about malaria risk in Mekong delta? Answer
What’s the best time to visit Mekong Delta? Answer
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